Mission and Vision

What Black & Bookish Is.png
When a man starts out to build a world
He starts first with himself.
— Langston Hughes




Black & Bookish is a celebration of Black Literary Arts and Humanities. The writings of Black people throughout the African Diaspora showcase the resilience of communities connected by a shared history of trauma and triumph. The mission of Black & Bookish is to provide access to literary information of those who want and need it. Through online and in print resources, literary services, community events, and social activism, this is a comprehensive education database to help you find the books that matter to you.



The sharing of Black literature works to provide a gateway to liberation and freedom. It is imperative for books for and by Black writers to be in every home and school, and for Black people to see stories about themselves told in familiar ways. It’s also important for other races to experience the joy of Black literary arts. This communal involvement builds understanding in people who don’t have our shared experiences but are willing to engage in racial equality for the betterment of all.


Value Statements

I am committed to centering the lives and stories of Black people.

I am committed to giving honest assessments on the books I read and review.

I am committed to helping writers tell the stories that matter to them.

I am committed to having an open and constructive dialogue about race and racial justice.

I am committed to building lasting relationships within our communities.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. -Desmond Tutu.png